Friday, March 11, 2011

It has been ages...

I have been MIS (missing in action) for quite a while. Hmmm.... to be exact it has already been more than a year! My cousin Eve keep teasing me I would be 35-year-old forever (as my last post was about my 35-year-old birthday) if I'm not going to update my blog soon. Oh well.... here I am, back again! I hope I will be updating my blog a bit more often from now on. =)

The Year of 2010 has been quite a busy year in our household as we'd done lots of traveling. I brought Euan to Malaysia in the summer to spend some time with my parents.We were there for about 3 months and we'd a great time meeting up with friends and family. After coming home from Asia, my dear friend, SY and my cousin Eve came to visit us, I took them galavanting around the state of Texas. And it was really fun! I mean tons of fun! Come on, How much more fun could you ask for when you have 3 women and 2 babies in the van driving around Texas? =p After our wee Texas trip, we went to New York City in the Fall and Scotland and Holland in the winter. It was absolutely brilliant meeting up with friends and family in all these different places. =)

Euan has started Pre-K a couple of weeks ago. I feel kind of weird having the whole house to myself during the day. As for the past two weeks, it has been a bit tough on us as Euan has never left my side since he was born. As a result, morning has been quite daunting in our household with a little boy who begged for not being sent to school; my heart broke everytime it happens. =( I often think to myself, "Am I doing the right thing sending him to school at this age?" Or should I wait for a little while and let him stay home 'til he turns 4? Hmm... we would have to see how things turn out after a while and hopefully everything will be ok once he get use to the idea of going to school. The bottom line is, I think I am the one who suffers more on separation anxiety when it comes to this issue, I can't believe my son has already turned three-and-a-half-year-old and he is going to school! =(

Oh well... I am sure things will work out fine in our household soon. =) Have a great weekend!

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