Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wee man loves his spinning toy!

Wee man's room

When we were decorating wee man's room, we tried to stay away from the typical blue baby boy room. Not that there is something wrong with the blue room, we just rather have something different for the wee one. We left the wall white as it is since we were not allowed to paint while I was pregnant, according to my mum-apparently it's a chinese superstition.

Although wee man is almost 6-months-old, he still hasn't slept in his room yet, hope the day will come soon!

The crib and the chest drawers are both from Ikea. We heart Ikea! =)

Little pals to keep the wee man company

We decided to have a futon instead of a rocking chair, so when grannies come over they have room to stay

Prints that mummy ordered from Sugar Loop, Etsy

Another view of the room, I am thinking about putting up curtains...

Wee man is looking at.....

...... the wooden mobile mummy and daddy got him from a German store in Spring

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day!

Wee man's new found love arrived with a UPS truck yesterday

We were out for a stroll with Wee man's french girlfriend- "Sophie la girafe" last evening

Mummy's Valentine's day present from daddy, Little bloom earring from etsy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dirty business

Being a mum at this stage in wee man's life is all about dirty business, feeding him is no easy job. Wee man just started eating solid food a couple weeks ago. Although in the beginning he wasn't interested in rice cereal at all, he is taking it all in now! So far, he has tasted apple sauce, sweet potato, banana and pea. I introduced him to pea puree during dinner yesterday and was hoping he will like it since I was told some babies are not into greens at all. He turned out to be a big pea lover! He was wolfing them down as there is no tomorrow! Well.... I suppose it's good news to us and hopefully he will become a veggie lover like his mum and dad. =)

Dinner time!

Wee man loves apple sauce

There is no way I manage to feed him and yet be a glamorous pretty mum at the same time. He is so curious about what's in the bowl and constantly wanting to touch his food. After digging into his food, he will be busy rubbing his nose or face; or even better, he is also very good in sharing: smearing it all on mummy! Yep! I am constantly caked with spit up and baby food nowadays. Sometimes strained sweet potato even finds its way to my hair! As I told you earlier, I am dealing with dirty business since the wee man started eating! But I adore every moment of being a non-so-glamorous mum and seeing wee man learning new skills every time! At times, it makes me wander how did mum in the 50s and 60s managed to look so glamorous in their beautiful dresses and hairdo all the time....? Take for example like Lucy in "I love Lucy". What excatly am I missing here people?

Baby love cloth book: $11
Jammies from Baby Gap: $8
Ugly dolls, bigtoe: $12
Wee man sitting up: PRICELESS

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My wee man

I always wanted to have daughters, ideally is to have two daughters. I even think about names for a baby girl first when I found out we were pregnant. On top of that, I also went to the store and keep looking at the baby girls' department. I just couldn't help myself as all the little girly clothes are so cute. I really thought I am having a girl and I came up with 2 names for a girl: either Mya or Caledonia. Yep! I am so ready for a girl so I can dress her up in all those cute little dresses and knit her some cute sweaters.

One night, Scott told me he had the feeling the baby is going to be a boy and advised me (yep! he ADVISED me), not to build up hope expecting we are having a wee girl. Instead, I should be prepared for a boy. Well, sure enough he was on the right track, we found out we were having a wee boy when we went in for our 20 weeks checkup. I was disappointed when the doctor broke the news as Scott acted like he expected a boy and was indeed happy with the news. It took me quite a while to soak it all in and eventually bought into the idea that we were in fact, was going to have a wee man. After wards, a sense of guilt rush through me for being so ungrateful for the healthy baby boy that we were having. I still feel guilty about it whenever I come to think about it.

My wee man has turn 5 months old and of course, I am the proudest mummy in the world. He is a healthy, active and inquisitive baby boy who loves to smile and giggle a lot. At times, I feel like I can't even keep up with him at all; as he can be very demanding and cranky sometimes. But most of the time he is a happy baby who love to be with his parents all the time. He is especially attach to us during bedtime: seperation anxiety. It is always a challenging task to put him in his bed in the evening because he will fight sleep until he uses up the last strength in his wee body. It seems like he is afraid of missing something interesting if he falls asleep. Take for example, it took us nearly two hours to put him to his bed tonight. We are hoping he will sleep through the night without waking up at two or three o'clock later like he normally does. Well.... lets keep our fingers cross!

The cranky wee man with mummy

The happy wee man

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am 33 year old today

Flowers from Scott's mum for my birthday. Thank you, Miss Carole! =)

It's a lovely and quiet day, I could not have asked for more than a peaceful Sunday on my birthday when Scott, me and Euan can spend the day together as a family.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Eunice!

We went over to brother's place to celebrate Eunice's and my birthday tonight. Our birthday is only one day apart, hers is Feb 9 and mine is Feb 10. It's nice to have a sis-in-law who has almost the same birthday with me and I am sure we will be celebrating more birthdays together for the years to come! =)

Friday, February 8, 2008


I just looked through those old photos that I took in Tibet. It's such a beautiful place! One of my dreams is to revisit Shangri-la with Scott and Euan in the future! =)

The Potala Palace

The staircase to haven

Prayer wheels

The friendliest people

Mt. Everest

North face


Chinese New Year

Happy New Year! This is the year of golden rat and it has been 12 years since I celebrated new year with my parents. Chinese new year is not a big deal here in the states, but at home, it's a week long celebration and we have up to a week off from work or school. Well... we don't have any week long celebration here anyway... However,I wish the July 4th holiday or thanksgiving holiday last at least a week long! :P

We did not do anything special for the new year except went out for dinner with brother and Eunice. A really simple dinner in an Americanized Chinese Buffet restaurant. The food is not too impressive as it does not serve traditional Chinese food. I miss all those traditional Chinese food that mum used to prepare during Chinese new year. Not to mention those yummy cookies that my aunt used to bake, I still remember the tastiness and the texture of the Peanut cookie that she baked every year. They literally melt in your mouth! Yummy! =)

I think I should put in some effort to celebrate Chinese new year as Euan growing up. We need to introduce him the Chinese/Asian culture in order to remind him of his Chinese heritage. I used to prepare new year meal with friends every year while I was living in the SF bay area. The last time I prepared a new year meal was about four or five years ago. Wow! Time sure does fly especially when you are busy moving on with your life.

Life has been great since I moved to Texas in 2004. I'd fulfilled one of my life-long dreams: traveling solo in China and explored the most beautiful place on earth, the mystical Shangri-La: Tibet! I met the love of my life and gave birth to the wee man in the year of the golden pig (2007). I do not have any complaint in life at all. In fact, I am grateful and I am over the moon about how life turns out.

Euan has gotten better with his feeding schedule and sleeping pattern. Let's hope he will continue getting better. We did some reseach and found out he is a Trained Night Feeder! How scary that sounds? Well... I am sure no parents like to have a trianed night feeder in their household! :P

My brother said our prayer was answered by the god in the Chinese temple and we should go back and say thank you. It is great that wee man is getting better and I just hope it was just a phase that he has to go through and never need to go through again in the future. It definitely takes its tole on his poor parents. We have been a part of the walking zombie family for three weeks now!

As things get better, I hope to catch up with my knitting and reading. There are tons of project that need to be finished still sitting in the WIP (work in progress)pile/basket. What a shame! Books are everywhere in the house that look so interesting but I just could not find time to sit down to do some proper reading. I am hoping... hoping wee man will get into his little routine soon and mummy will eventually have some time for herself. Well....Do you think it's just another wishful thinking or it will eventually come true one day? I hope I do not need to wait too long! :P

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sleepless nights

There have been countless sleepless nights since we came back from Malaysia. BE was perfectly fine while we were over at my parents' in Malaysia. For some reasons, he started waking up all night demanding for food after coming home. In fact, it has become worse since then, he won't stop crying and refuse to take naps during the day. I am sure he feel helpless since his mum can't figure out what's going on in the little mind of his. Trust me, I tried everything and I am exhausted too. I wish there is a foolproof parenting book available out there helping mum like me! I need help on getting my wee man to sleep, to eat properly and to stop crying. Anyone out there has any suggestion that would help is welcome to leave some comments.

He was crying away not long ago... and now he is cooing away in his little crib... I wish I can speak his language in order to figure out what my wee man is trying to tell me. My mum called on Sunday night to check on her little grandson.I told her the situation and she suggested me to make a trip to the Chinese Temple to say a prayer. Well... Yesterday, me, brother, sis-in-law and the wee man went to the temple in Chinatown and said our prayers. Let's hope for the best people!

It has been more than a week since we thought about letting BE sleep in his own room. But he was still sleeping in our room as of last night due to his parents (well...mostly his dad) are suffering from separation anxiety. But we have a little achievement to share: we were able to put the wee man to sleep in his own little crib. so... he is sleeping in his own little space since yesterday. It wasn't easy but we did it! =) Although I love my wee man tremendously, I have to admit I am also tired of sharing my bed with him. Sometimes I wander whether that makes me a bad mummy since I am not even willing to share my bed with my son? There are many parents co-sleeping with their wee ones and enjoying every bit of it. As for Scott and I, we think it's better for the wee man to have his own little space and we have ours at the same time.

I am desperately hoping to get BE back on his little routine as I would be able to plan my day and stop being a walking Zombie. As of right now, there is no daily schedule and therefore, I find my day to be very unpredictable due to the wee man unpredictable behavior. It is going to be tough, but I am sure with patience and a lots of TLC, we will help the litle one get there slowly but surely.

My dear son, when are you going to sleep like a wee baby again?