Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Euan

Recently, I miss Euan being a baby a lot, I mean a lot. I can't stop looking at pics and videos we took of him when he was a baby. I miss his little feet, little fingers, baby scent, cooing, breastfeeding... I miss everything about him being a baby. I still can't believe he has already turned 3 1/2 -year-old and going to be 4-year-old this coming September! Where has all the time gone?

As a little 3-year-old, he is a caring and loving little boy. He always take care of his daddy and mummy. Not to mention, he loves his little cousin sister, Mya lots, and loves playing with her. He cares about the animal as well, often remind mummy to fill up and bird feeders for the birds and feed the squirrels who love coming to our garden. He also love helping mummy in the garden, especially when it comes to watering the plants. =)

Whenever he is being asked, "Euan, who do you love most? Daddy or mummy?" His answer is always the same, " Euan loves both daddy and mummy!" Those simple little words often make my day! =) All I want to say is, " Euan, mummy loves you to bits and thanks for being my lovely wee son!" ♥

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hanna said...

thankyou for your nice comments on my blog :)Your son is gorgeous. My wee Isla is turing 4 in November, far out time flies!