Thursday, April 3, 2008

I ought to be...

... knitting, reading, cooking, and baking more! I've been spending hours online reading tons of blogs recently. They are mostly craft, knitting and food related. I got all the uhhs and ahhs on others' finish knitted garments and yummy looking baking goods! However, I have piles of WIP's lying around and heaps and heaps of cookbooks on the bookshelf waiting for me to read through. Oh... not to mention they are also emails that need to be replied waiting for me in my inbox.... Shame on me!

Well... this get to stop! I need to be more discipline when it comes to surfing on the Internet. Instead of merely getting inspiration from other knitters, I should at least finish my WIP's and get start on some new projects. Perhaps even start getting my Christmas presents list ready and start working on them. Oh yeah.... I still owe Scott a hat. Poor thing, he has been waiting patiently for a couple years now... :(

I would love to cook or bake more. I've collected tons of recipes and cookbooks and they are nicely displayed on my bookshelf. Oh well... it's my weakness when it comes to books, especially cookbooks. Most of them are nicely put together with beautiful food photographs and I just simply couldn't resist to bring them home with me. In fact, I just got a new cookbook, "Nigella Express" I ordered a couple weeks ago in the mail; I should sit down and read through it during the weekend and try out some new recipes next week!

Here are a few pictures from some of my cooking adventures lately:

Kumquat Marmalade made with Kumquats gather from next door neightbour's garden.

Lemon cream cupcakes! They are so delicious and even Cookie loves them! I will definitely make them again.

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