Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wee man's first trip to the zoo

We brought wee man to the zoo on Sunday. It wasn't a planned trip and we just decided to go when I heard Scott singing a made-up song to Euan-"Mummy going to bring wee man to the zoo" on Saturday evening.

It was fun and I think wee man loved it. =) Well... at least that's what I like to believe. In reality, we know he probably didn't take it all in or even knew all the animals he saw in the zoo. Instead, mummy was the exited one when she saw the giraffe, tiger and zebra! :P


@pple said...

What a happy family colage!!!
The animals must be busy checking this "family" out @ the zoo....

沈伊 said...

now i miss weeman ler. :( he is really amazing, brilliant, marvelous, greatest ever !! Trust me, i do not say this to any baby. Wee Man really the greatest gift from Scott to you, and from you to Scott. Well done guys !!!

ok - this is to weeman when he grown up and understand- Wee Man, you have the greatest ever parents in the world, make sure you love them with all your heart and be a really good boy!! your mummy gone through a lot during the process of giving birth to you. Also,one feet space in bed with you was not easy for your aunty- me, too !! :P