Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 random things about me

1. I have a weakness in shoes, I just can't stop loving/buying them.
2. I am a big time procrastinator!
3. I feel guilty, but I am always up for a trip to Target.
4. I love Scotland more than Malaysia.
5. I love the highland cattle. I think they are so cute and cool looking.
6. I take my tea and coffee without sugar.
7. I love the colour pink but I seldom wear pink.


沈伊 said...

oh... we have similar leh !! 1 & 2. hahahaha... now i try not to go to shoes shop.

Ash said...

Hehe.... it must be in our gene! :P It's good that you can resist going in to a shoe shop, me? I am still working on it and it drives Scott crazy! :P

Eunice said...

Hey! I'm a shoes lover, too! =)
I still remember that we bought the same sandals from J.Crew years ago, hehehe! Guess we have same good taste, eh?!