Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the wee hours....

..... I am listening to Jay Chou's songs and missing my baby who is working in Scotland now. Sometimes I wander whether we'd made the right decision for him to take on such a heavily traveling job. He misses out so much on Baby Euan's milestones and "cheeky moments"... Oh well... The decision has been made long time ago and I guess we would have to stick with it as of right now. I am keeping my fingers cross and hoping once the economic get better, he would be able to get a better job; to make it even better, hopefully we will get to relocate to somewhere in Europe, preferably Scotland! :P

Euan has Pink eyes... poor boy. We missed the Easter Egg hunt party with friends today and ended up taking a long nap together instead. He has grown up so much since we left for Malaysia in January, he looks more like a little boy now. My parents were over the moon with joy all the while while we were visiting at home. Especially my dad, he spoiled him big time! In return, Euan loves his grandparents too, of course. =)

We'd eating problem while we were in Malaysia. It's a constant war having to feed him, he was just not interested in most of the food I offered him. But thank god, he has been doing great with his meals since we get home, he finished all his pasta two nights in a row, and I am impressed. I am truly impressed and I hope he will continue loving his food!

On the other hand, my other baby boy- Snowball is not doing well. I brought him to the Vet the next day when I got home to check out a lump that is growing on his left side. We suspected he has cancer and sure enough our Vet, Mr. Wright told us straight in our face matter-of-factly that Snowball is not doing good, if we ever make a decision to put him through surgery, that's only to buy us time and he will never get better. My poor boy.... It was heart-wrenching to hear the truth being told at that manner, yet, I think I am grateful Mr. Wright is being honest to us. I would never want to put Snowball through any kind of procedure just because we want him to be around longer.

He has been eating very little and deteriorating fast lately.... my heart is sinking deeper and deeper... Does it means the day to say goodbye is getting closer? Should we put him to sleep or should we let him pass naturally? 11 years, 11 long  years... that's how long we have been living together as a family. I hope he will make it through the weekend for Scott to come home and say his goodbye. It's going to be tough! And I wish that day will never come, ever...


沈伊 said...

Euan is indeed a big boy! So so cheeky but he looks so happy. :) Bet his mum spoil him too ! kekekee...

Snowball does look slimmer... I remember I saw him last time, quite chubby and fluffy. haiz... if it is not cancer, is either sooner or later. Well, at least we still have chance to say goodbye and appreciate it more now. I believe he has a good life through out the 11 years. Who know later it reincarnate to be your second baby?? hehe... I have faith he will continue his good journey ahead.

Eunice said...

Dear Ashley,

We truly had a wonderful night spending with you and your family when you were back to M'sia! We were overwhelmed by seeing you and Euan after so many years! That was a great night and nice chat after so long! Too bad we couldn't meet up with Scott and other friends during the party. But King and I enjoyed catching up with you! =)

Sorry to hear about the sickness of Snowball! I'm sure Snowball had a wonderful life with you along his 11 years. Pls stay tough and I'm sure Snowball will love you forever!

Wan Teen