Monday, August 24, 2009

The best thing I heard today

We were playing and I bent down to kiss him on his forehead. 

I said, " Mummy loves baby!"

Euan said, "Baby loves MaMa!"

It's the first time I heard him saying it and I am looking forward for many times to come.... Those three little simple words from my wee toddler son has just melt my heart! 

It was a moment to be remembered forever. It was a moment that makes me feels being a mummy is the best job in the world. It was a priceless moment! My son has just said he loves me for the very first time today! 

I am proud, I am so proud to be his mummy. 

"I love you lots and lots, Euan. And thank you for the lovely flower from Tina's garden!"


scott said...

Aye - but he loves his Da da even more lah :-p


沈伊 said...

Dada - he loves mama more la !! :P

So touching hor?!! definitely more to come !!! I got to wait for two more years I think. kekkee ....

wee chen said...

wow! my tears almost come out when i see what he said to u dear fren! i can imagine how u felt that moment!!!!!Euan must have been able to say a lot of words now!

i'm waiting for my turn now, hahaha....