Friday, September 4, 2009

I blinked.... and he has already turned 2!

My wee boy has turned 2 today! Where has the time gone? It felt like yesterday I'd just gave birth to my wee baby boy... It brings me to tears seeing him growing up so fast right before my very eyes. It's bittersweet. And I am sure before I even notice, he will be ready for college! 

Dear son, 

Time flies, you'd grown up from a wee baby to a fine wee boy, and today is your second birthday. Mummy has been so lucky to be able to spent every moment of your life with you. It's a joy to see you learn and grow everyday. Without a doubt, being your mum is the best job I could ever ask for in my life! And you are truly my pride and joy! Thank you for bringing so much happiness and love into our life. As daddy always says, you are the best thing that ever happened to us! 

Happy Birthday to my Wee son! Daddy and mummy love you lots and lots! =)

Mummy and Daddy xoxo


沈伊 said...

He is really look like a big wee boy !! Lucky mummy and daddy !! And congratulations!! Euan is really fine and fun.

YeeYee still always say 'neh neh neh neh neh' when she mean to say no no no no no!! And Chuggington is in my head the whole time today!!! Also, YeeYee tends to correct Alice when she didn't say please to her mummy!! hahaha....

YeeYee wish you grow up cheekier, funnier, smarter, and don't throw food on the floor!! :P Happy happy birthday.

Eunice said...

Time flies and now he's a 2 years old! Ash, you are a wonderful mother and no one has doubt about that! =) Hugs to little Euan and mommy Ashley!