Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy weekend!

i woke up this morning, looked out the window and it's cloudy; i stuck my head out of the door and it's cool...just the way i like it! i think fall must be around the corner... i am waiting, patiently. 

i think i should do a little more yard work since it's quite cool today... at least watering the plants, and may be a wee bit of planting... I have to get those seeds going as i am quite fond of having a winter garden at the backyard. hence, we are going to be busy for the next couple of weeks, scott agree to put a raised bed together for us. =) euan and i are going to have a wee garden... may be i should give our wee garden a name. how about "euan's wee garden"?  

what else are on my to-do list this weekend? knitting! i have been quite busy knitting up baby blankets... at the time being, i am working on a few of them as friends and cousin are going to be mummy soon! i love knitting for others. as i come to think of it, since i started knitting again about 4 years ago, i still haven't finish knitting anything for myself yet.... although i'd started working on a few projects they are still on the kntting needles. i never get to finished them as i always get distracted with projects i wanted to make for loved ones. knitting is therapeutic for me and rewarding at the same time. it's the best to see your loved ones enjoying your "labour of love". =)  so, i will be busy knitting for a loooong time! 

my cousin, eve modeling the goodies that i knitted to keep her warm during the winter in cold foggy London. =)

Have a lovely weekend!

Ash xx


沈伊 said...

was waiting for all these pixies.. hehe ... by the way, I found something in my camera !!! hahhah ... hhmm.... thinking if I should tag it in facebook or my blog. I bet my blog is safer !! hahha ...

wei wei, sorry for not updating my blog just yet ah. Scott Chu just went home so was busy a bit.

Ash said...

No worries. Great to hear everything is fine and you were just busy. take care and looking forward to seeing some updates on your blog. =)

Eunice said...

Hey Ash! Are you using Mac to host your blog? I'm thinking of getting an iMac/iBook next year. =)

Ash said...

Mac is fabulous! We love ours. I have a Mac book and thinking about upgrading it to an iMac later on... =)