Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someone can't wait 'til Santa is here!

My wee boy loves X'mas! This is really the first X'mas he manage to make some sense out of it, he wasn't really aware of what's all the big deal about X'mas last year. We have been telling him he has to be a good boy as Santa will only bring toys to nice wee boy, and he seems to understand it quite well. (Hehe! at least it works for now.) The other day, Scott helped him to write a letter to Santa and it seems like all he really want are Thomas and Friends. The conversation between father and son went like this:

" Euan, so what do you want Santa bring you for Christmas?" Scott asked

"Percy!" Euan said.

"and?" Scott tried to get more for the list.

"Thomas!" Euan said with excitement.

"What else?" Scott asked.

"Percy, Thomas, Percy, Gordon, chocolate, truck, Thomas, Thomas......." At this moment, he looked quite serious too as he has put in quite some thoughts to come up with the list.

Sometimes I wonder what's really goes on in his wee head. Hmmmm..... may be he genuinely loves Thomas that much! =)

He has been requesting me to read him The night before Christmas every night before bed. =) He loves the story and is fascinated that Santa actually come in to the house through the chimney. =)  He is also very excited about all the present under the tree and keep asking when he can open them, we told him he has to wait 'til Santa bring his toys and he can open everything all at once. It's so good to be a wee kid and have so much to look forward to during X'mas. I wonder how long he will believe in the story of Santa Claus.... Hopefully, long enough for mummy to be ready to accept the fact that he will be a grown boy one day soon! 

He has been speaking a lot in short whole sentence nowadays. It seems like he has managed both languages just fine without any confusion at all. Since his 2-year-old birthday, he already know he has to speak English to his daddy and granny. When speaking to mummy and his uncle, he switches to Chinese naturally. On top of that, he has been quite busy teaching his dad to speak Chinese as well! =) Not bad for a wee boy, eh? 

Oh... just for a good laugh, he was mad at me last night and guess what he said? " Crocodile comes bite mummy stinky butt!" What a boy! Hmmm..... don't ask me where he got that idea from cause I have no idea! It's probably what Scott taught him to say while I was away...  :p


Anonymous said...

Happy X'mas!!!

kid says what they have in mind, very straight. u will find more fun with their talks.

Shiao Yunn said...

heehee.....the above fr me la....

Eunice said...

Merry Christmas, wee boy! =)

wee chen said...

wow! Euan can speak so much already!! :)

how nice if all of us can be like kids, getting lots of presents on the same day!! hahahah.....

Jessi Halliday said...

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Do you still want her? I would need your shipping address if so, if not I will offer her to another viewer. Thanks + Happy Holidays!