Tuesday, January 9, 2007

May I introduce you to my lovely kids!

Please put your hands together for Snowball, Ginger, Pepper and cookie!

Hello...I am snowball, the king of the house. Don't mess with me....otherwise you will get a square go!

Hello, I am ginger, the beautiful princess who cares about sleeping and nice cool milk.

Hi, I am pepper....also known as the thief! I'm an expert at pulling food out of the trash can.

Woof! I'm cookie monster. I try to keep the kitty cats under control....but there are just too many of them. When pepper pulls the trash can over I help to eat all the scraps of food. We are partners in crime :-)

1 comment:

Just Sharlene said...

I love the expression on Pepper's face! Your kids are absolutely lovely!

Cookie is still a baby. How old is he/her?