Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year! This is the year of golden rat and it has been 12 years since I celebrated new year with my parents. Chinese new year is not a big deal here in the states, but at home, it's a week long celebration and we have up to a week off from work or school. Well... we don't have any week long celebration here anyway... However,I wish the July 4th holiday or thanksgiving holiday last at least a week long! :P

We did not do anything special for the new year except went out for dinner with brother and Eunice. A really simple dinner in an Americanized Chinese Buffet restaurant. The food is not too impressive as it does not serve traditional Chinese food. I miss all those traditional Chinese food that mum used to prepare during Chinese new year. Not to mention those yummy cookies that my aunt used to bake, I still remember the tastiness and the texture of the Peanut cookie that she baked every year. They literally melt in your mouth! Yummy! =)

I think I should put in some effort to celebrate Chinese new year as Euan growing up. We need to introduce him the Chinese/Asian culture in order to remind him of his Chinese heritage. I used to prepare new year meal with friends every year while I was living in the SF bay area. The last time I prepared a new year meal was about four or five years ago. Wow! Time sure does fly especially when you are busy moving on with your life.

Life has been great since I moved to Texas in 2004. I'd fulfilled one of my life-long dreams: traveling solo in China and explored the most beautiful place on earth, the mystical Shangri-La: Tibet! I met the love of my life and gave birth to the wee man in the year of the golden pig (2007). I do not have any complaint in life at all. In fact, I am grateful and I am over the moon about how life turns out.

Euan has gotten better with his feeding schedule and sleeping pattern. Let's hope he will continue getting better. We did some reseach and found out he is a Trained Night Feeder! How scary that sounds? Well... I am sure no parents like to have a trianed night feeder in their household! :P

My brother said our prayer was answered by the god in the Chinese temple and we should go back and say thank you. It is great that wee man is getting better and I just hope it was just a phase that he has to go through and never need to go through again in the future. It definitely takes its tole on his poor parents. We have been a part of the walking zombie family for three weeks now!

As things get better, I hope to catch up with my knitting and reading. There are tons of project that need to be finished still sitting in the WIP (work in progress)pile/basket. What a shame! Books are everywhere in the house that look so interesting but I just could not find time to sit down to do some proper reading. I am hoping... hoping wee man will get into his little routine soon and mummy will eventually have some time for herself. Well....Do you think it's just another wishful thinking or it will eventually come true one day? I hope I do not need to wait too long! :P

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