Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dirty business

Being a mum at this stage in wee man's life is all about dirty business, feeding him is no easy job. Wee man just started eating solid food a couple weeks ago. Although in the beginning he wasn't interested in rice cereal at all, he is taking it all in now! So far, he has tasted apple sauce, sweet potato, banana and pea. I introduced him to pea puree during dinner yesterday and was hoping he will like it since I was told some babies are not into greens at all. He turned out to be a big pea lover! He was wolfing them down as there is no tomorrow! Well.... I suppose it's good news to us and hopefully he will become a veggie lover like his mum and dad. =)

Dinner time!

Wee man loves apple sauce

There is no way I manage to feed him and yet be a glamorous pretty mum at the same time. He is so curious about what's in the bowl and constantly wanting to touch his food. After digging into his food, he will be busy rubbing his nose or face; or even better, he is also very good in sharing: smearing it all on mummy! Yep! I am constantly caked with spit up and baby food nowadays. Sometimes strained sweet potato even finds its way to my hair! As I told you earlier, I am dealing with dirty business since the wee man started eating! But I adore every moment of being a non-so-glamorous mum and seeing wee man learning new skills every time! At times, it makes me wander how did mum in the 50s and 60s managed to look so glamorous in their beautiful dresses and hairdo all the time....? Take for example like Lucy in "I love Lucy". What excatly am I missing here people?

Baby love cloth book: $11
Jammies from Baby Gap: $8
Ugly dolls, bigtoe: $12
Wee man sitting up: PRICELESS

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