Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Our dear son,

Time sure flies, you just turned 6-months-old last week. Mummy still remembers vividly the day you were born into this world. You were born 2-1/2 weeks earlier than the expected due date and we were delighted to have you early as daddy and I were getting very impatient to see you.

Excited mummy- before contractions started

Happy daddy- Euan were only a few minutes old

You've grown into a lovely wee boy, so different from the wee bundle of joy we brought home from the hospital half a year ago. You started teething a couple of weeks ago. The past week has been tough on the whole family as you are cranky and can't sleep well at night. Mummy knows it hurts and it's very uncomfortable, and most likely you don't even understand why it's hurting. Please be patient and learn to appreciate the process of growing. Mummy and daddy will always be here for you. As you know, we love you lots and lots!

Wee man drool quite a bit since started teething

As you grow up, you will realize life is full of ups and downs of its own; there will always be times when we have to bear with pain in life, physically and emotionally to move on. Hopefully we learn from the experience and become a better person. It's a process of growing up that I am sure you will soon learn. No one can live in their own little fantasy world without experiencing any hardship in life. However, as your mum, I am hoping you will not need to go through too much pain in your life. But at the same time, I understand its impossible for mummy to stop it from happening, you need to grow up and learn what life has to offer. Therefore, mummy is hoping you will grow up to be an optimist and never give up when life is tough and always remember to learn from your experiece.

Before old age strikes, mummy better write down everything about wee Euan here ...
- You were born 2-1/2 weeks early on a rainy September evening. Mummy did not realize you are coming after labor day weekend and I went to work that morning and only realized I was in active labour and 4 centimeter dilated at Dr. Samotas office during a regular check up that afternoon.

- Mummy was checked in to the hospital at around 5 pm and you were born 3 hours later. I guess you must be impatient and wanted to see daddy and mummy badly. :P

- When we brought you home, you sleep like a baby for the first couple of weeks. You were such a content and happy baby and did not cry at all.

- You started having colic and spat up small amounts of food when you were around 3-4-week-old. You were miserable as you belly was always windy. Poor baby....

- We went to Malaysia to visit your grandma, grandpa and attend uncle Hsian's wedding when you were 3-months-old. You were such a great baby and put up with the long hour flight without throwing any fusses.

Uncle's wedding

Cameron Highlands vacation with family

-At 4 months of age, you decided pacifier is no longer of use for you instead you decided to suck your tumb- Uncle Shaun style according to daddy.

Sucking away

- You were sick when you were a little over 4-months-old. It was the first time you were sick. Your temperature was so high that we rushed you to the emergency room in the middle of the night. The doctor's diagnosis was a urinary tract infection. Thank goodness you got well in less than a week after taking antibiotics.

Sick Euan

- You started learning to sit right after we came home from Malaysia. You can sit quite well now ( still a bit wobbly), and now you are learning to crawl with great enthusiasm.

Look! Look! I can sit up now! =)

- Your first tooth pushed through your gum about 2 weeks ago. It's you left lower front tooth.

If you look closely, you can see my first wee tooth! =)

- You love stamping your left foot when you are excited and angry. We are thinking your going to be a lefty. It's still a wee bit early to tell now. Daddy says that Aerdeen and Scotland are in need of a good left footer!

- Euan loves: Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Eunice, Uncle Hsian, peas, Sophie la girafe, watching Snowball, Ginger and Cookie, talking to the ceiling fan, playing with his feet, milk, daddy and mummy's bed, bath time with your rubber ducks, looking into the mirror, board books and posing for the camera.

Wee man loves spending time with daddy

- Euan dislikes: squash, corn, bedtime, being left alone.

Your dislikes are short right now, but as you grow older we are sure this list will grow.

When your older and read these post I hope you can feel the love mummy and daddy have for you. Even with the sleepless nights, temper tantrums and many shirts with drool all over them your still our special wee guy.

Love from mummy and daddy...xxxx.......


@pple said...

Baby Euan is sooo adorable!!!

Mtnmama said...

Hello! I love your blog and photos! Are you a photographer? Thanks for commenting on my blog, I will take your advice to heart! I hope we can stay "blog buddies" it looks like our wee boys are about the same age!