Monday, March 31, 2008

This is what has been happening the past couple of weeks...

As we always say "pictures speak a thousand words", this is going to be a pictures-heavy post and it's pretty much what has been happening in the Cusiter household. Enjoy! =)

Wee man's second tooth pushed through his gum last weekend, and that explained why he has been cranky most of the time.

I am a big boy now and no more baby bathtub for me!

He is getting ready to crawl any time soon

I love playing Peekaboo with mummy and daddy

We got wee man a high chair from Ikea last weekend and he love sitting in it while having his meal. I guess it must make him feel like he is one of us now- A big boy! =)

Wee man is trying to figure out how does his new toys work. It's the Bright star Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone, he loves it!

Love munching on those "mum-mum" baby biscuits...

One of mummy's favorite pictures of wee man!

Playing on the living room floor

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