Monday, August 18, 2008

Are we raising a generation of spoiled brats?

No! Euan and mummy says No No!

We all strive to provide the best to our children and hoping they will be well-prepared for their life ahead of them. Most of us probably have a different parenting style compared to our parents. So what do we do differently than our parents? Well... We try to listen to our children as much as possible instead of solely giving instruction without expecting questions. We also tried to be our children's friend instead of parents by trying to put ourself in their show as much as possible. Oh... and of course we tend not to use the word "NO" nowadays, because we worry by hurting our children's feeling it will scar them for life. However, I think by not saying "NO" to our children is not helping them in any ways at all. On the contrary, it's indeed a foolproof formula to raise children with inadequate people skills.

By not setting clear limits, we are raising children who do not know how to deal with emotion turmoil, failure and disappointment in life. As today child-rearing trend, over-protecting parenting also prevent a child from experiencing failure of any kind. As a result, how could we expect our children to become high self-esteem individuals? If we as parents do not help our children learn to deal with "NO" in an early age, how could we expect them to hold down a job or sustain long-term relationship of any kind in their adulthood? I think it's time for us to express our love to our children by saying "NO". It will do them no harm but to let them get a taste of real life. No worries! No worries!

A great article to share. Check it out!


Eunice said...

There are pros and cons on any kind of method or way of teaching our next generation. Although I'm not a mother yet, I see the differences between Chinese culture and Western culture way of guiding the kids and children. I guess we have to focus on the positive part and sort it out together, we'll have a better kids down the road! :)
By the way, I'm unable to open the link (good article). Mind to re-check? Kamsiah! :p

Ash said...

It should be working now. ;)
I guess we should consider ourself lucky since we are exposed to different knowledge from different culture background as compared to our parents! =) Hopefully we will we as good parents as they are down the road. =)

Eunice said...

Got it now, thanks! :D