Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daddy's birthday

Happy Birthday, daddy!

Yummy cake, it's just a little too big for the three of us. :P

This is a late post about Scott's birthday. It's Scott's first birthday to be celebrated with wee man last Thursday. We had a great day staying at home as a family and mummy baked a lemon layer cake for daddy. Yummy! Euan got to taste a little and even Cookie got a slice of cake! I am sure they both enjoyed it as much as we did. =)


Eunice said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Scott - Ashley's wonderful husband!
The lemon cake looks yummmmyyyy!!! :)

沈伊 said...

Finally, a proper family photos. hahaa... Happy Belated Birthday Scott!!

By the way, Ash, I had visited ee ma, she is very proud with weeman !! keep praising him and showing us how proud she is being a grandma !! Really !!! I swear !!

Everyone is good at home. no worries.But san kau fu and san kau muo is not as good tho, they are over work and now suffer pain at leg and back. :(

Talk soon. :)